Ceterus: Your Trusted Partner for Small Business Tax Preparation

Do you belong to the 80% of small business owners who experience stress during tax season? If you said yes and need help with tax preparation, you’ll need a reliable service that understands your business and takes data security seriously. 

That’s where Ceterus comes in as your ultimate solution. We have a remarkable reputation for our small business and franchise expertise and are eager to extend our support.


A Few Ways We Shine…


Exceptional Support? You Can Rely On It!

Our team of tax experts is available year-round to help you with tax planning and strategy. We’ll identify potential tax savings and develop a comprehensive tax strategy tailored to your unique financial situation and goals. Our services include:


Our goal is to help you achieve your financial goals by maximizing your tax savings and minimizing your tax liabilities.


Data Privacy & Security? We’re On It!

Safeguarding your data is of utmost importance to us at Ceterus, and we employ a variety of measures to ensure your privacy and security.

  • Our tech-enabled software, Edge, features a security model that logically separates each customer’s data, ensuring your data isn’t mixed with others’. Access to store-level data is granted only to select, thoroughly vetted administrative users.
  • Ceterus services are designed to run on the Google Cloud Platform, which is known for its rigorous security, privacy, and compliance controls. This world-class infrastructure enables us to provide a secure and reliable service.
  • We prioritize the protection of your credentials. User credentials to external providers are stored in a secure database using high levels of encryption, safeguarding your sensitive information.
  • Regular audits of all system access points and continuous usage monitoring help maintain the integrity of our systems and networks. This ensures that our systems remain uncompromised and your data secure.


Expertise? We Bring It!

Our tax team specializes in meeting the unique tax requirements of various business structures.

Whether you operate as a C Corp or S Corp, we will ensure prompt submission of the correct forms. For partnerships, our experts are equipped with all the required documents, including the 1065s and Schedule K-1s. 

Additionally, if you prefer to outsource your personal taxes to us, rest assured that we have you covered. By centralizing all your tax matters with us, you simplify the process.


Comprehensive Solutions? We Go Above & Beyond!

In addition to tax prep, we offer comprehensive accounting and financial reporting services. This includes bookkeeping, bill pay, compliance reporting, and performance management.

We also meet third-party reporting requirements from lenders, franchisors, landlords, partners, and other tax programs. Plus, we offer access to financial controllers with industry expertise who can provide routine business reviews. Our Edge platform delivers key performance indicators, industry benchmarks, budgets, forecasts, and multi-unit reporting.


Free Resources and Tools For You

At Ceterus, we know that navigating your books and tax requirements can be challenging. That’s why we go beyond our core services to provide valuable resources and tools for small business and franchise owners. We believe that informed clients make confident decisions, contributing to the trust we build together.

Explore some of what we offer:


Choose Ceterus as your tax service provider and confidently approach tax season, knowing your finances are in good hands. Schedule a consultation with us today!

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