Step-by-Step Instructions for Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication

Please read the FAQ’s below then choose between the Authenticator App or Text Authentication to enable MFA

What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Multi-factor authentication is an authentication method in which a computer/mobile user is granted access only after successfully presenting two or more pieces of evidence to an authentication mechanism: knowledge, possession, and inherence. By requiring at least two pieces of information to log in, it protects you and your personal data.

Why should I use Multi-Factor Authentication?

MFA provides additional security by requiring more than one data point to access your data.

Am I required to use Multi-Factor Authentication?

At this time, you are not required to enable MFA to access your information in Edge Web or Edge Mobile, but we do encourage you to leverage the additional security.

Why would I use SMS text authentication vs. an authentication application?

There are many technical variances between SMS text authentication vs. authentication applications, but it ultimately comes down to user preference and convenience. SMS text requires that you have cellular and/or data service at the time of login (so that you can receive a text message), where authentication apps work without cellular/data coverage but do require additional set-up time.

Does Multi-Factor Authentication work on Edge Mobile and Edge Web?

Yes! Once you’ve enabled MFA in Edge Web, it will work and extend to Edge Mobile.

What if I accidentally type in the wrong phone number?

No problem! If you don’t receive the text message verification code, you can simply re-send the code by typing in the correct phone number.

What if I don’t have my phone with me when I’m trying to log in to Edge Web?

If you cannot locate your mobile device, email Ceterus will need to verify your identity before disabling MFA on your behalf. You can then re-enable MFA once you’ve recovered your mobile device.

Can I turn off Multi-Factor Authentication after I’ve set it up?

Yes, you can disable MFA at any time after you enable the feature, although we do encourage you to leverage the functionality to protect you and your data.

Do I need a smartphone to use Multi-Factor Authentication?

A smartphone is not required if you elect to use text-based authentication. Any SMS-capable phone can receive a code via text message.

Does it cost money to enable Multi-Factor Authentication?

Authy and Google Authenticator are free app-based services, if you opt to use the text authentication you will receive a text message from our authentication service. Usage rates may apply.

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