Security and data confidentiality is not an afterthought at Ceterus. It’s an integral part of our everyday operations.

We take our responsibility to safeguard the confidentiality of your data seriously. Carefully designed systems, policies, and procedures have been implemented with that responsibility in mind.


Built with a strong security culture

Security awareness is part of our culture. We select trustworthy people for our team and then continually train them and reinforce their responsibility for protecting our customer’s data.


Employee Background Checks

Ceterus verifies each individual’s education and previous employment before they join our staff. Reference checks and criminal, credit, immigration, and security checks are part of the hiring and onboarding process.


Data and Access Restrictions

The Ceterus Edge service includes a security model that logically separates each customer’s data from another. While store-level data access is controlled by a small number of administrative users who are carefully vetted before they are granted administrative access.


World-Class Cloud Infrastructure

Our service has been designed and implemented to run on the Google Cloud Platform. Google has a rigorous program for independent verification of security, privacy and compliance controls, and we directly benefit from these protections.



User credentials to external providers (including banks, QBO, Point-of-sales, etc.) are stored in a secure database using high levels of encryption.



At Ceterus, we maintain and regularly review an audit trail of all system access points and monitor all usage–verifying that our systems and networks have not been compromised.

Protecting your data is core to our business.

Our world-class cloud infrastructure helps us deliver a secure and reliable service you can depend on. Reach out, schedule a demo, and learn more today!

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