The Business of Yoga with Amanda Kingsmith from M.B.Om

Amanda Kingsmith is a yoga teacher, yoga business coach, a podcast host, and a world traveler. She started practicing yoga a decade ago and after falling in love with the practice she decided to become a yoga teacher.
After completing her teacher training and stepping into the world as a yoga teacher, Amanda realized that she hadn’t been trained on the business side of yoga. Coming from a business background and the corporate world, she knew a lot about business, but not a ton about how to apply it to the yoga industry. She started her podcast, MBOm, on how to master the business of yoga.
Fast forward 3 years later and MBOm is one of the top yoga podcasts and Amanda works with yoga teachers from around the world to help them with their yoga businesses.
On this episode, TK and Amanda talk about the business side of yoga, including how to go from a part-time yoga teacher to a full-time yoga teacher, how to get paid for your services, and the importance of self-care as an entrepreneur.
If you are looking to become a yoga teacher or a yoga entrepreneur, you don’t want to miss this episode of the Small Business Edge podcast.
Listen to the episode here or click the video below for the full interview.
Discussed on this episode:
  • How Amanda got into the yoga industry and began to learn about the business side of yoga
  • How to go from a part-time yoga teacher to a full-time yoga teacher
  • Shifting the mindset of asking for yoga for free and when it’s appropriate to work for free
  • How Amanda organizes her schedule
  • The importance of self-care as an entrepreneur
  • How Amanda balances travel with work
  • When you want to dive into entrepreneurship, make sure that you love what you’re doing because it’s going to be hard
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