Tech In Charleston: Interview With Ceterus

Ceterus Featured on Silicon Harbor Radio’s Tech Life Podcast
Check out Silicon Harbor Radio’s Tech Life with Rich Conte. Rich interviews Ceterus Product Manager James von der Lieth. Hear what James and his team do to support our growth and catch up on what’s new since Rich interviewed our CEO, Levi Morehouse.
About James
James von der Lieth started his own financial consulting company in Charleston, South Carolina before joining Ceterus. He became part of our team in 2016 and works with software engineers, frontend developers, designers, and product support to build our flagship platform Ceterus Edge.
James works with every department as well as customers to build consensus across stakeholders to prioritize the way the software product is built.
Podcast Notes
Rich and James discuss:
  1. What a Product Manager’s role in a software company is
  2. The tech startup scene and job market in Charleston, South Carolina
  3. How starting and running his own business translates to working at a startup for James
  4. How Ceterus has grown since Rich’s last conversation with Levi Morehouse, CEO
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