Season 2 of Small Business Edge: Introduction with Levi Morehouse

Hear Key Success Tips From Franchise and Small Business Entrepreneurs
Season 2 of the Small Business Edge Podcast is here, with all new featured guests.
What to expect in Season 2: More Inspiring Entrepreneurs, Franchise Advice, and Success Tips From High-Growth Franchise Entrepreneurs
In the first episode, Ceterus CEO Levi Morehouse gives a preview of what you will hear this season and why this podcast is so important to us. Spoiler alert: This is about entrepreneurs, not us.
“Small Business Edge provides a forum for small business entrepreneurs to share their experience helping to support, educate and inspire fellow entrepreneurs as they navigate their journey. We are grateful to our featured guests for their willingness to participate and impart their wisdom for the betterment of the community.”
At Ceterus, we created Small Business Edge as another way to empower entrepreneurs, particularly those in the small business and franchise space who are often overlooked by the media. In its second season, small business entrepreneurship is deconstructed and entrepreneurs who have been there give actionable insights and advice on the challenges and rewards of small business and franchise entrepreneurship.
Levi discusses:
  • The different types of entrepreneurs
  • How health and wellness has changed what entrepreneurship looks like
  • What he’s excited about in the upcoming season
  • What personal notes he’s taking away from this season as an entrepreneur himself
Show notes:
Season 2 of Small Business Edge with Levi Morehouse
Small Business Edge is kicking off Season 2 with a conversation with Ceterus CEO and founder, Levi Morehouse. Levi and TK talk about why they’ve decided to bring Small Business Edge back for a second season, what you can expect from season 2, and some of Levi’s key takeaways from the season. You can find the latest podcast episodes for Small Business Edge here.
Whether you are interested in entrepreneurship or already building a small business or a franchise business, there is a ton that you can learn from the guests on this season of Small Business Edge.
Discussed in this episode:
  • Why Ceterus focuses on small business and franchise entrepreneurship
  • Why Season 2 is kicking off with Jamie Weeks
  • What to take away from Season 2
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