Reopening & Operating In a COVID Environment

We know there are countless considerations when reopening your small business, so we narrowed it down to 3 factors we believe to be the most critical when reopening and operating successfully in a COVID environment.
1. Safety
In today’s environment, you must demonstrate to both customers and employees you are taking their health seriously. Communicate the steps you have taken to keep them safe. Communicate these steps often. In today’s environment, it isn’t too much to publicly document and take credit for the steps you have taken to keep customers and employees safe. Think about the cleaning protocols have you implemented, the protective equipment you have purchased and the testing policies you have put in place.
We’d like to introduce you to one company that is helping small businesses with testing. This company is focused on ensuring you not only take customer and employee temperatures, but also you have that testing fully documented. SAIFEGateway‘s high-tech temperature detection system is faster, more accurate, and safer to use than handheld “gun” devices.
2. Leadership
We are living in uncertain times. More than ever, leadership must step up and show they care for their employees. Everyone has more on their plate than ever, including your employees. Leaders need to be there and they need to listen. Employees are dealing with more anxiety and challenges than ever as it relates to COVID. Childcare issues, school closures, sick relatives, and on and on. This is an extremely difficult time for everyone. A good leader will be there to list and to empathize with their employees. Doing so will help create a better culture and a more loyal team. There is no playbook for how to handle this new environment. Being there for your employees during this difficult time could pay significant dividends as time goes on.
3. Cash is King
Cut costs wherever you can. It’s time to look at your income statement in detail and find ways to save money, wherever you can without impacting your employees or impacting the customer experience. Find those costs that don’t add value to the business and cut them out. Negotiate with vendors or look for new vendors. Everything is on the table. Preserving cash will help you withstand the impact of another (or the existing) economic downturn.
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