[Podcast] From High Tech to Fitness Franchising with Steve Eddleston from Planet Fitness

Steve Eddleston had a successful career in Customer Support for High Tech, working for Honeywell and Digital in New Zealand for 20 years before he decided to relocate to Boston in his mid-twenties. He got married, had kids, and after 35 years of excelling in his career, he decided to make a big career change.
Steve decided to purchase his first Planet Fitness location, even after his accountant advised him against it. Steve had quick success with the first location, and one location quickly became two locations. Now, he owns 15 locations throughout the New England area.
“I knew Planet Fitness was a disruptive brand. Ceterus also has a disruptive business proposition, and that’s why I’m here. I recognized the disruption, and I love it.”
On this episode of the Small Business Edge podcast, Steve shares how to get started in the franchising world, and how to navigate the challenges of being a franchise owner.
There is a saying that says that “The reason angels can fly is because they don’t take themselves too lightly” and Steve is such a person. He has a great ability to laugh at himself and his mistakes along the way and that gives him an ability to learn from them like no one else.
If you’re looking to start a small business or get started in the franchising world, you don’t want to miss this podcast episode!
Listen to the episode here.
Discussed on this episode:
  • Why Steve left tech to run his own business
  • The reactions from his friends and family when he decided he wanted to open a gym
  • Why Planet Fitness was a good investment
  • How Steve went from owning 1 Planet Fitness to 15 in the New England area
  • Every franchise location is a completely different business even when it’s a part of the same company
  • What Steve learned about selling businesses and how to determine when it’s the right time to sell
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