Strategic Collaboration Amplifies Ceterus’ Market Presence Among Franchise & Small Business Owners

[North Charleston, NC] – Ceterus, the trailblazing provider of clear financial insights, tech-enabled bookkeeping, and tax preparation services, announces a pivotal partnership with Wild Coffee Marketing, a distinguished outsourced CMO service, alongside its fractional marketing team. This collaboration aims to strengthen Ceterus’ brand presence by leveraging Wild Coffee Marketing’s expertise in strategic marketing and sales initiatives.


“We are pleased to welcome Wild Coffee Marketing as our strategic advisor in this exciting journey to enhance our brand,” said Chris Rossie, CEO at Ceterus. “Their expertise in crafting impactful marketing strategies aligns seamlessly with our commitment to providing exceptional financial solutions. Together, we aim to elevate the Ceterus brand and communicate our value proposition more effectively.”


Wild Coffee Marketing specializes in delivering C-Suite level marketing strategies through experience-based storytelling and creative collaboration.


“We are thrilled to contribute to Ceterus’ brand journey,” said Amy Anderson, co-founder and CEO of Wild Coffee Marketing. “Our collaborative approach will focus on leveraging Ceterus’ unique strengths and values, infusing them into captivating narratives that resonate with their audience. This partnership is a testament to our shared belief in the power of strategic marketing to drive business success.”


Ceterus’ decision to partner with Wild Coffee Marketing underscores our commitment to embracing strategic marketing as a crucial pillar of our growth strategy. It marks a significant step forward in expanding our ability to empower business owners through optimizing financial performance.

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