[NEW FEATURES] Edge iOS Mobile App Provides “Done-for-you-accounting” Wherever YOU Are

As many of you know, Ceterus provides “done-for-you-accounting” for small business entrepreneurs and CPA firms. What we mean by that is “done for your peace of mind”. We make sure your books are not only ready for tax time, but that you’re ready to provide franchise or bank reporting as needed, and you have the financial information you need to make decisions about your business at any time.
That’s why “done-for-you accounting” also translates toresults for you wherever you are”. We know managing your small business may need to occur from a wide variety of locations and that you are not always sitting in front of a computer.
However, there are a few scenarios that are unavoidable—password changes, transaction coding, sharing important documents—and they require your action in order for us to complete your financials in a timely and accurate manner.
The aforementioned use cases are exactly why we added Action Center to Edge Mobile! You can securely update your credentials, code transactions, and share documents in a few clicks. We want you to be able to provide us with anything we may need without disrupting your day!
Whether you need to check the status of your financial reporting, provide us with an important document, or want to manage your business’ finances on the go, you can do it all in the Ceterus Edge iOS Mobile app. Feel confident knowing that you can have a pulse on your “done-for-you accounting” anytime, anywhere!
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