It’s All In The Name: Ceterus

Our name, Ceterus, is something that is often mispronounced and always raises the question.
“What does the name mean?”
Here’s the story. I had started and worked at several small businesses in my early career, ultimately leading to the founding of Ceterus. During each of these experiences, it became abundantly clear to me that most small business entrepreneurs spend an inordinate amount of time on things other than delivering their specific product or service (if you’re an entrepreneur you know this all too well: the hours spent on everything from accounting to marketing to website maintenance).
All of these tasks are necessary, but they’re not unique and they’re certainly not the thing these entrepreneurs went into business to do. Ultimately, these tasks become a distraction from entrepreneurs operating in their unique sweet spot. When I founded Ceterus, my mission was to empower small business entrepreneurs by handling a lot of these other things — “the rest,” and the “everything else” that goes along with operating a business.
In my search for a name, I recruited my best linguistic expert, my brother, Isaac. He had always been fascinated with Latin and Greek. I explained the vision of the company and asked him to research some naming options. Shortly thereafter, Isaac shared Ceterus, a play on the Latin word meaning “the rest” or “everything else” and I loved it. The name was set and our slogan became “You do business, we do the rest.”
Accounting is our business, so let us help you with ‘the rest’ for your small business or your CPA firm.
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