Getting a New Franchise Concept Off the Ground with Jeremy Bollington of Blo Blow Dry Bar

“When I was looking for a business I wanted one that was scalable, but not a start up. That led me to explore franchise options. I quickly ruled out food businesses due to the proliferation of brands, up front investment and complexity. I also decided against territory based sales businesses, as they are not scalable. That led me to the personal care category and ultimately to Blo.”
Those are the words of today’s guest on the Small Business Edge Podcast, Jeremy Bollington.
Making the Leap to Entrepreneurship
Jeremy was a successful banker for 25+ years, traveling and working around the world in cities such as London, Hong Kong and New York. He had a great job and was on track to continue excelling in the industry, when he decided that he wanted to make a change in his career.
In 2015, Jeremy dove into becoming a franchise owner and is now a franchise partner of Blo Blow Dry Bar located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. He is also an area representative, and a franchise owner of Waxing the City. Jeremy just opened Blo Blow Dry Bar’s second Charleston location in downtown Charleston as well, his third franchise location in the area.
On this episode, Jeremy tells interviewer TK Coleman about the journey from banker to franchise partner, the failures and insights he accrued along the way, the marketing do’s and don’ts for entrepreneurs and franchise owners, and how to build a great team that can support you in a franchise.
Listen to the episode here or click the video below for the full interview.
Discussed in this Episode:
What it has been like to grow a career while living and working around the world
Why Jeremy decided to become a Blo franchise owner
What Blo is and what they offer
What Waxing the City is and what they offer
What Jeremy’s average day looks like
How Jeremy has built a great team of people that can support him
The danger of complacency and how to refocus
Marketing do’s and don’ts for entrepreneurs and franchise owners
Jeremy’s advice for new entrepreneurs
Show Notes:
Jeremy Bollington is a multi-franchise partner and area representative for Blo Blow Dry Bar and Waxing the City, based out of Charleston, South Carolina.
Before Blo, Jeremy spent 25+ years as a banker in cities around the world like London, Hong Kong and New York. He has built big and successful teams over the last 10 years at two different institutions, but in 2015, he decided it was time to explore something different.
Today, we discuss Jeremy’s journey of entrepreneurship and franchise ownership. We also talk about the failures and insights that Jeremy accrued along the way, the do’s and don’ts of marketing, the importance of hiring great people, and more.
If you are considering entering into the franchise world or you want to level up your game, don’t miss this episode!
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