Ceterus: Our 5 Core Values

Ceterus’ Core Values serve as a compass that guides our decisions and actions on a daily basis. They are not some premeditated idea or simply buzzwords on our web site—rather they came about as we paused to reflect on the very best of who we are, not just who we want to be.
While our business has seen rapid growth, we have not strayed from these core values. They are the foundation of who we are as a company and the very essence of our mission—which is to empower entrepreneurs.
With our core values as our compass, we have grown to over 1,500 entrepreneur customers and 130+ employees (“Ceterites”) without compromising quality or customer trust.
The order of our core values is important as our top priority is serving our customers.
The foundation of our core results is Results. Ceterites value results above everything—if something has to get done, it simply gets done!
Ceterus Core Value #1: Results
No excuses. Only results.
We hold the results of our work as the ultimate value. We always deliver what we promise to our clients, teammates and vendors. To achieve this we manage what we promise to ensure we can deliver it, while adhering to our other core values of accuracy, independence, efficiency and flexibility.
Ceterus Core Value #2: Accuracy
Accuracy is table stakes.
The business we are in starts and ends with accuracy, without it we fail. Entrepreneurs trust us with access to sensitive information and rely on us and the numbers we help generate. We pay attention to detail and ensure that when we are done, it is right.
Ceterus Core Value #3: Independence
Do. Inform. Ask.
We value independence and taking responsibility with our work, clients and fellow staff. We understand when it makes sense to do, inform or ask. Once something has been learned, we own it and make sure we inform others who need to know.
Ceterus Core Value #4: Efficiency
Time. Tools. Technology.
We leverage technology and processes to make what we do as efficient as possible. We appreciate doing something faster each time and we love doing something better than it used to be done. An insane focus on efficiency is the value that will allow us to maintain our place in the market into the future.
Ceterus Core Value #5: Flexibility
Results are expected–flexibility is earned.
Contribution at Ceterus is not measured by the number of minutes our team sits at a desk, but by output and ultimately results. This is harder. With delivering results, comes a high level of trust, autonomy, and flexibility. The expectation is our team will adapt, problem-solve and innovate to deliver results.
Why it matters
At Ceterus, our customers depend on us for on-time, accurate bookkeeping and accounting services. In our line of business, there’s no room for laziness or shortcuts. As a result, we’ve identified core values that emphasize the importance of doing the job, doing it right and creating solutions that empower our customers.
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Ceterus Core Values

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