Ceterus Introduces Flexible Financial Reporting for Accounting Clients

As accountants ourselves, we know that every client is different including the way they want to see their monthly financial reporting. We also understand that meeting client needs often involves significant overhead to produce customized reporting that is unavailable using general ledger system reporting. In response to the need for CPA firms to efficiently and cost-effectively produce personalized reports for their clients, Ceterus has released Report Manager in Ceterus Assembly.
Report Manager automates the creation and delivery of custom reports to CPA clients directly from Assembly. Using this new feature, an accounting practitioner can quickly customize reports to the specific needs of their client that include:
  • creating specialized reports for analysis (e.g. revenue, payroll, etc.) that focus the analysis on data sets meaningful to the circumstances of your client.
  • reconstituting a P&L to present results consistent with your client’s preference, organized in a format independent of the structure of the underlying chart of accounts. Flexible reporting options can be leveraged without consequence to the integrity of the COA or benchmarks.
  • creating views of only particular accounts: all revenue or some revenue, revenue with COGS detail, wage expense reports, etc.
Ceterus’ solution design and report configuration toolset anticipate the needs of the accounting practitioner, with intuitive customization options that include:
  • expansive filtering options: by client, location, customer type/COA
  • flexible reporting periods (independent of monthly or other reporting cycles)
  • simple “drag and drop” general ledger account selection
  • saving reports as templates that remain easily accessible and searchable within the platform
  • cloning report templates for similar (but not identical) presentation
  • offering multiple delivery options to best address client needs
Accounting practitioners know that a significant aspect of client services involves the presentation of data to clients in a way that is accessible to the client and drives insight. We added Report Manager in Ceterus Assembly to help quickly and cost-effectively deliver value to CPA clients. Contact us to learn more.
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