Ceterus: Bookkeeping for the 21st Century

Our mission at Ceterus is to empower entrepreneurs. Every day, we do the work we do to empower our entrepreneur customers.
So that begs the question, what is it that we do to empower them?
What Holds Entrepreneurs Back From Success?
There are many distractions an entrepreneur faces as she works to turn her idea into a product or service a customer values. The ability to focus on the most valuable activities is often what separates successful entrepreneurs from the pack.
Here’s a major distraction: spending too much time on critical but low-value activities. Like bookkeeping. (It’s low-value because a customer doesn’t necessarily value how well a business keeps its books.) Though bookkeeping is low-value, it is critical for a business’s success.
Poorly managed bookkeeping, financial reporting, and accounting practices are responsible for 46% of small business failures in the United States. Did you catch that?
Nearly half of small businesses fail, not because they don’t have customers, but because of their bookkeeping. This is a depressing fact.
What should entrepreneurs do? If they own a bakery, for example, should they set more time aside to ensure their books are accurate — effectively reducing the number of pastries they can make and sell?
Should they spend more time on a less-valuable activity? We don’t think so.
How Ceterus Provides a Solution to Bookkeeping
Since small business account for 46% of GDP and 50% of all jobs in America, Ceterus believes entrepreneurs deserve to be able to focus on highly-valuable tasks. We provide the peace of mind that comes from professional, complete, trustworthy bookkeeping and accounting solutions, and we develop cutting edge accounting software that allows our solution to be affordable.
Our staff works from our office managing our customers’ books in the cloud (typically QuickBooks Online). When our team connects with a new customer, we work to completely offload the accounting burden from their shoulders — removing them from the entire process. We connect to their point-of-sale system, financial institutions, and maintain their books. When questions arise, one of our friendly staff emails, texts, chats, or calls our customer directly for clarification.
Our solutions are not one-size-fits-all. We tailor the bookkeeping services to specific niche markers in which we operate. This allows us to fully understand the intricacies of our customers and their business, and provide more efficient and effective solution.
We’re tired of hearing depressing statistics about the number of failed businesses. We’re proud to do our part in empowering entrepreneurs throughout the country to be able to focus on their growth.
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