Announcing: The All-New Edge Mobile App

Ceterus Edge Mobile Accounting App for Franchisees
We’re excited to present the all-new Ceterus Edge Mobile app, designed to give small business and franchise owners daily insights, as well as access to their key monthly numbers for immediate access to data that can drive business decisions. See all of your business locations, right when you open the app, so you can have a pulse on your business, wherever you are.
Critical Financial Information at Your Fingertips
See your most important accounting data points—consolidated revenue, COGS, EBITDA and expenses for all locations, as well as for each of your individual locations.
Estimated Portfolio Valuation
Everyone wants to know what their business portfolio is worth, even if they don’t plan to sell their business any time soon. With Edge Valuation(SM), we use your historical net operating income data to give you an estimate of your portfolio value.
Peer benchmarking for franchisees

Real Time Data
Always have a pulse on your businesses with real-time data like daily cash and sales for each of your locations as well as a seven and 30 day cash forecast for your consolidated businesses as well as each individual business location.
Peer Benchmarked Insights
Financial benchmarks compare your performance to peers in your franchise in areas such as revenue, EBITDA, margin, and key expense categories to give you an immediate insight into where you can improve your operations, and where your strengths are for each of your business locations.
Additionally, see your most critical non-financial key performance indicators benchmarked against peers in your franchise right from your phone.
Cash Forecasting
Cash forecasting allows you to see seven or 30 days of projected cash flow based on scheduled inflows and outflows of cash from your connected bank accounts. Use cash forecasting to ensure that you have enough cash in the bank for large, irregular expenses, or to optimize your working capital and invest in your current business or expand your locations.
The Ceterus Edge Mobile App is for Ceterus accounting and bookkeeping customers or clients of partner CPA firms.
Real-Time Fraud Alerts & Messaging
The Edge Mobile Fraud Alerts feature proactively finds discrepancies between sales and deposits and alerts you to prevent fraudulent activity on your account. The in-app messaging feature allows you to correspond directly with your point of contact to re-categorize expenses or schedule a payment.
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