4 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Bookkeeping & Tax Services Under One Roof

One Set of Expectations
  • Bookkeeping services and tax services are under the same service agreement, allowing the experts to talk directly without the need for engagement with the business owners. The business owner gets involved for strategic concerns and decision making.
  • The tax preparer and bookkeeper establish a common understanding of the dynamics of the customer business and financials.
Save Time
  • Reduced administrative burden for you, the business owner with seamless handoff between bookkeeping and tax preparation.
  • As a standard practice, annual tax returns require annual tax adjustments to your books. Keeping the overall tax/accounting team under a single umbrella facilitates timely entry of those adjustments.
We Know Your Business
  • Both the bookkeeper and tax preparer are deeply familiar with your industry/brand, exposed to similar taxpayers. This reduces significant back and forth questions to educate your outside tax preparer.
  • The overall team represents a better understanding of specific accounting and tax concerns for your business.
Streamline Your Financial Service Expenses
  • Synergies are created, producing lower cost services and more value.
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